Can Ex-Spouses Ever Become Friends?

Can former spouses get along? Would they ever want to be friends? If a couple has children together and if they’ll be co-parenting, it is in everyone’s best interests for the former couple to at least get along. Can exes be friends? Absolutely.

Sometimes a divorcing couple has a friendly divorce and they remain friends. Other times, even a feuding couple can later develop a friendship after they have dissolved the marital binds that tied them together. Of course, we don’t hear about divorcing couples being friends nearly as often as we hear divorce horror stories because...they just aren’t as exciting to talk about.

How to Be On Good Terms

You’ve probably heard all about divorces that involved financial ruin, bankruptcy, infidelity, secret families, gambling, substance abuse, domestic violence, draining the couple’s savings account, and other sad tales. “Jim and Theresa are the best of friends now that they’re divorced” just isn’t newsworthy in most circles.

Can you foster a healthy relationship with your ex after the divorce? You can if you’re unwaveringly determined to make a go of it. Even if your ex is bitter toward you, by changing your attitude and behavior toward him or her, you may see a noticeable shift and as the dust settles, things may work out better than you initially expected. In fact, even high-conflict couples can eventually become friends if they agree to work on it.

The best way for former spouses to get along or even become friends post-divorce is to treat each other with dignity and respect. After all, one of the reasons manners were created was to make awkward situations less awkward, and post-divorce interactions can definitely be awkward.

Some exes are determined to remain friends for their children’s sake, while others find that a friendship develops naturally over time. Despite whatever happened to break up the marriage, it’s best for spouses to start fresh and set their differences aside. If they have children together, their children benefit tremendously by their parents getting along. Besides, the best way to move on is to forgive each other and start anew, that is if domestic violence is not a factor.

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