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The divorce process can be complicated, emotional, and stressful. Just as every family is unique, so is every divorce. When you work with Goline & Roland Law Firm, we pledge to take the time necessary to learn about you, your family, and your objectives. As your Denton divorce lawyer, we will work tirelessly to help you reach your goals.

Texas allows for both a “no-fault” divorce and divorce based on fault—we have significant experience representing clients in both types of proceedings. Before we file any petitions with the court, our committed team will discuss the benefits and challenges presented by each option and go from there. Our Denton divorce attorneys have represented many clients in their uncontested divorces as well as highly contested cases, so we can help you succeed no matter what the situation.

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What Divorce Issues Can We Help With?

Uncontested divorces require couples to come to an agreement on all divorce-related issues, including:

If necessary, we can help you come to terms with some of these issues through mediation or a collaborative law option.

What is The Divorce Process in Texas?

In Texas, the process of divorce can be quite difficult to navigate. Our Denton divorce lawyers will work with you to make this process go as smoothly as possible. Our firm has experience working through a myriad of family matters and understands the emotional toll you and your family are going through. Don't face your divorce alone, allow us to help you through it.

A divorce in Texas may include the following:

  • Initial filings: i.e., the petition and response.
  • Period of time governed by temporary orders: This remains in effect during the pendency of the divorce (matters of temporary custody, child support, spousal support, payment of bills, etc.). If the parties cannot reach an agreement regarding temporary orders, the court will hold a hearing and issue its own temporary orders.
  • Discovery period: Very early on in the process, both parties are required to identify—and disclose to each other—all individual and marital assets and debts.
  • Negotiation discussions: Throughout the entire process, and particularly when discovery has yielded a clear picture of the couple’s finances, both parties and their lawyers should negotiate and work towards reaching a final agreement with respect to all outstanding issues. This is accomplished through basic negotiation, mediation, and/or arbitration.
  • Settlement and/or trial: In most cases, the parties to a divorce settle most or all the issues prior to a final trial—though it may require some litigation in order to get there. In cases where no agreement can be reached, the parties and their attorneys head to trial.

Why Hire a Denton Divorce Lawyer at Goline & Roland Law Firm?

At Goline & Roland Law Firm, we strive to be always available to clients whenever they need legal assistance. We return phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner. As our client, you will always be informed about the status of your case and be updated on new developments.

We understand that your case is extremely important to you and that it will likely have a significant impact on your life going forward.

In addition to our dedication and focus on providing the proper attention needed to achieve results, we offer clients the following services and benefits:

  • Flexible scheduling, including weekend and night consultations by appointment
  • Credit cards are accepted and payment plans are available
  • Prompt service

As Denton divorce attorneys with significant experience, our clients benefit from our in-depth familiarity with the local courts and their rules, judges, and other key players.

Complex Divorce Attorneys in Denton

While some divorces are relatively straightforward, others are extremely complex. Notably, “simple” divorce matters are not always amicable; “complicated” divorce proceedings are not always hotly contested. The practical reality is that complex divorce cases present more opportunities for disputed issues to arise and greater chances for differing opinions as to what is “fair.” Hiring a knowledgeable Denton divorce attorney is critical for you and your case.

Goline & Roland Law Firm is well-versed in the many nuances of Texas law governing divorce proceedings and related family law matters. Specifically, our legal team has several years of experience negotiating and mediating highly complex divorce settlement agreements. Additionally, in cases where settling is not possible (for a number of possible reasons), we are more than ready, willing, and able to represent our clients’ interests in court. We have significant experience litigating hundreds of complex divorce cases in courts throughout Denton and North Texas.

What Constitutes a “Complex” Divorce?

 When we refer to a divorce case as “simple” or “complex” we do not mean this in terms of emotional weight and significance. In the legal community, classification of a divorce matter as “complex” simply means that the facts of the case may require the need for financial experts, child psychologists, specialized legal analysis, multiple hearings, and other procedures.

Many factors may lead to complex divorce proceedings, including the following:

  • Significant marital assets: Large bank balances, investment accounts, multiple real estate properties, and other accounts and items of significant value.
  • Debts: Individual v. marital—i.e., who is responsible for repayment?
  • Business interests: Business ownership or interests (goodwill, intellectual property, investments, real estate, etc.).
  • Child custody disagreement: Disagreements as to best interests of the children, appointment of a neutral third party to conduct an investigation, and allegations of acts and conduct detrimental to the children.
  • Income disputes: Disputes regarding the stated income of the other spouse (such as when a spouse is self-employed, and profits and losses can be manipulated) and allegations of incomplete or missing income.
  • Future interests: Factual and legal disputes regarding the existence and nature of a spouse’s interests as a beneficiary of a trust, will, etc.
  • Allegations of improper conduct: Allegations that a spouse improperly moved, transferred, hid, or spent marital assets.
  • Battling experts: Conflicting expert opinions regarding valuation, best interests of the children, etc.
  • Disputed classifications of assets as marital or individual
  • Conflicting opinions regarding a spouse’s contributions to the marriage
  • Allegations of fault
  • Irreconcilable positions as to what constitutes a fair and equitable division of the marital assets (and debts), financial support, and/or parenting

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